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From the mobile device web browser, visit: ccvradio.com/mobile.html

Then use this link to download the playlist on your device.
The above link is compatible with many devices including iPhone/iPad, Symbian-powered devices, as well as Android powered devices.
If the above link does not work on your device, please try one of the following methods:

nokia's internet radio application

On your Nokia smartphone device, the internet radio app is found in either the music menue or the multimedia menu. To listen to CCV Radio, simply open the Internet Radio App. Go to Search. Press select, type "classicCast vision" and press ok. Press select to start!
If your phone does not have the internet radio app, please choose the appropriate link for your device below.


This works with BlackBerryphones as well as many others. Yourmuze is a directory of online radio stations. It is designed for slow data plans or where you are charged for the amount of data usage, Since Youmuze transcodes the stream to consume less bandwidth. Here's how to get started.

From your PC, visit yourmuze.fm and create a new account, if you don't already have one. Once an account is created, you can add stations to your "My Station" list. To add ClassicCast Vision to your station list simply, click this link. Finally, from your mobile device go to m.yourmuze.fm. Login with your user name and password, and start listening!

android devices

If you have an Android powered device, you can get Winamp for Android in order to listen ClassicCast Vision. Here are the steps once you install the Winamp app:

1. From the Winamp home screen, go to ShoutCast and press select.
2. On the ShoutCast screen, locate the search box. Type "ClassicCast Vision" and hit select or enter. Press select on the result to listen.

Once winamp for android is installed, alternatively you can just download the playlist on your android device to begin listening to ccv radio.

windows mobile devices

The built-in Media Player on Windows Mobile will not play internet streams. We recommend installing gsPlayer which compared to Media Player has a better sound quality, equalizer, sleep timer and can support playback of different file formats. For a full list of features and installation instructions, see the readme file included in the download. Download the appropriate gsPlayer for your device by using the links below.

Once you have download and installed the player, do the following to get ccv radio playing on your device:
Go to Tools, then to Options, and finally to Associations.
Check any of the file types that you'd like GSPlayer to play, especially the m3u and PLS options. This will keep the native Mobile version of Windows Media Player from attempting to capture the incoming audio.
Once that is done, all you have to do is
download this pls file to your device. Open the downloaded file to get ClassicCast Vision playing!

Still having problems with ccv radio working on your device? simply send us an email at: ccvradio@ccvradio.com and We will be more than happy to assist you!

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